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Home is Where You Park It 

Greetings, my name is EJ, and me and my crew are excited to host you for your upcoming adVANture! 

It all started in June of 2018 when I rented a little camper van in San Francisco and took my son on a trip up the Pacific Coast Highway 1. A bucket list trip realized! We had an incredible time, not just seeing sites, but eating yummy oysters, chatting about life's challenges, bonding over getting lost and found, and ending up on a secret cove where we turned around and headed back south. It was a magical trip, and that's where I truly kicked off my #vanlife dream. 

April of 2019, I sold literally everything I owned, purchased the Mystery Machine 3000 on my dog's first birthday, and set off to see the world one mile at a time. 

Over those eighteen months, I drove over 40,000 miles, met hundreds of interesting people, saw trees, mountains, birds, and drank so many cups of coffee. The adVANture can been seen on my Instagram here, and it was a transformative trip for sure. 

In September 2020, I landed in Denver and was torn on what to do with my beloved camper, until I discovered I could rent it out and hang onto it for my own future travels. 

Four years later, I'm still hosting and I am stoked to help you plan out your itinerary, and fulfill all of your VANtasies for your own #vanlife trip.  

I have three vans in the fleet right now: 

  • Mystery Machine 3000, my former beloved and trusty home on the road

  • La Vida Luna, named after the cat that lived in her with her first owner

  • Happy Glamper, the newest in the fleet with a few extra goodies, too clean and ready to get super dirty!  

All three vans are Wayfarer Vans conversions, with a kitchenette, seating, storage, comfy bed, shelves, and a sink. The Ram Promaster is easy peasy to drive with nimble steering, back up camera, and fits right in a normal parking spot. 

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